Welcome to WCAIMH
altWelcome to the Western Cape Association for Infant Mental Health (WCAIMH), a professional organization affiliated to the World Association for Infant Mental Health.
Members of WCAIMH are health professionals or people working with infant mental health issues in the Western Cape, South Africa. Meetings are held monthly at Red Cross Hospital, Child and Family Unit, where expert speakers are invited to present on a variety of infant mental health-related topics.
WCAIMH aims to promote optimal physical, emotional and social development of infants by means of:
  • Promoting the realization that infancy is a sensitive period in the psychosocial development of children
  • Facilitating communication and support among individuals and organizations concerned with infant care
  • Promoting the scientific study of infancy and disseminating research information on the effects of infant, parent and care-giver mental health on infant development
  • Advancing education of professionals who study and/or care for infants
  • Advocating for conditions that support optimal infant development and facilitate intervention and prevention of mental impairment in infancy